How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number In Under Three Minutes

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Tips On How To Get Any Girl’s Phone Number

The most important tip that I can give you in choosing a lady to build a relationship with is to scrutinize on the way she looks and acts.  It is very visible that there are many beautiful women today who act unattractively in public. In this given instance, it can be said that a beautiful face does not go in accordance with a wonderful soul.

So, in cases like these, you need to take a closer look at her.

How should you do it?

Of course, you can be objective especially in the first time you met her. As you engage her in a short chitchat, you need to read between her lines. Your assessment ought to start at this point. As much as possible, look her in the eyes.

Nonetheless, be careful not to look down while talking to her. Doing so is an indication of giving out, timidity, and weakness. Moreover, never look at her boobies when you’re speaking with her. Take note that this is one of the typical errors that many men do.

Females will reject you if you do such impolite gesture. Girls will certainly consider you disrespectful if you do. Keeping eye contact indirectly and impressively tells a lady that you want her and that you want to get to know her better. This is a pre-requisite (according to women) to get to know how she is in bed.

Be sure to draw a sweet smile in your lips as you approach her. A smile delivers a good and significant idea. This means, “I will not reject you. I like you.” Along with a long eye contact, a smile means, “I like you a lot. I want to know you. Let’s talk.”

Moreover, females who smile back at you and those who sustain the eye contact with you are those who will be most responsive to your developments.

These next few guidelines that I will be talking with you are truly important. These are categorized as essential things that fall under the “What to say?” aspect of approaching women. After you break the ice by simply telling “Hi!” to her, the very next thing that you should say or do is introduce yourself.

Basically say, “Oh, my name is (your Name). I’m satisfied to please you.” Just use your first name in casual circumstances, and both your first and last name in more cold circumstances. Then, allow the lady to give you her name. Pause for a moment. If she doesn’t provide it, ask her what her name is. Then, and this is very important, use her name in talking to her. This works like a miracle to make her feel comfortable with you. It makes her more enthusiastic about you. An individual’s name is the most important and highly effective word you can ever say to a girl.

The next thing that you want to say or do is compliment her. Drop a line of genuine appreciation to her. Girls love to be treated this way.

Explicitly, be sure to say something good and unique about her. Be courteous and special when giving out enhances. The more graceful and/or extraordinary you can be, the better the outcomes you’ll get. Men lust with their faces; but, women lust with their ears.

A lot of people ask me what they should talk once they get a lady’s name.

 What you need to do is to seek out what she wants, what she wishes, what changes her on; and, her interest or activity. Ask her questions that will have fascinate her absolutely. Also, always find effective ways to respond to her. Never disagree with her when you don’t know her yet. You want to make a perspective of relatedness.  This can be done by agreeing to everything she said.

Lastly, never be shy about asking her phone number. It doesn’t matter if you just met her few minutes ago. Even if you have only talk with her for a minute or two, be immediate. You can say something like, “I have to be go now. But I’d really like to see you again. Can I call you?”

You wouldn’t desire to throw away all the efforts you made to impress her, isn’t it?

Therefore, always ask for girls’ phone numbers. That is the rule of the thumb.

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