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Yo, this is your wingman Dean Cortez…

Real quick, I’ve got one our famous Mack Tactics “Nuclear Bonus Packages” to tell you about (if you want to have a HUGE weekend with women, you’ll want to read this email carefully…)

Once in a while I come across a new system that I REALLY want my guys to know about…

And to make it an absolute NO-BRAINER for you to try out this system that I strongly recommend, I “sweeten the pot” by giving you massive EXTRA bonuses.

Well, my good friend Jon Sinn (ranked by many leading websites as the #1 pickup artist in the WORLD) just came out with a new system that ROCKED me when I went through the materials (seriously, it’s  that good…)

It’s called “The Effortless Conversation System,” and in it, Sinn walks you through the EXACT things to say to women, to crawl inside their minds and push the right buttons to make them feel sexually attracted to you.

Plus, Sinn gives you some of his most closely- guarded secrets for making the conversation flow effortlessly…so that you never have to wonder what to say next, or the “right way” to answer anything she asks you.

Learning this system (which you can do in under one hour) is like playing a video game when you know the “cheat codes.”

The price for Sinn’s new system is ridiculously low. I told him he was nuts to practically give it away for free, but Sinn is pretty cool this way…when he comes up with a new “breakthrough method” like this one, he wants as many guys as possible to enjoy it (and get laid from it).

Of course, I already know that Jon Sinn is a friggin’ genius when it comes to inventing new tricks and tactics for “connecting” with women (and attracting them into your bed…)

I’ve seen him approach hot girls with my own eyes, and bust out sneaky (but wickedly effective) openers and conversation techniques to create “sexual chemistry”

And since you’re one of my VIP subscribers, Sinn is going to give you instant access to this system at a ridiculously low price.

And here’s where this exclusive offer gets CRAZY…

I was able to twist Sinn’s arm and get him to grant my VIP subscribers FREE ACCESS to a badass BONUS package that is for my subscribers only.

This bonus package (worth more than $175) contains videos, audio sessions and special reports that reveal:

* How to have “fearless conversations” with even the HOTTEST girls (discover how to easily chat up 9s and 10s…the SUPER hotties that most guys will NEVER have the balls to talk to…)

* And, how to “sexualize your game.” Learn these simple steps and you’ll never get stuck in the “friend zone” with a hot girl you’re talking to.

Instead of just thinking you’re a “nice guy” or a “funny guy,” she’ll imagine herself getting SEXUAL with you.

This exclusive bonus package is the ultimate way to ACCELERATE your success once you learn “The Effortless Conversation System.”)

So here’s what to do next:

1. Go here and grab Sinn’s “Effortless Conversation System” for less than six bucks:


2. Email me at: and include a copy of your receipt, so that I know that you are trying out Sinn’s system.

3. We’ll send you instant access to your mega bonus package (worth more than $175).

I’ll look forward to getting your email and sending you your bonuses.

Here’s the link again to grab it right now:


Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

P.S. The crazy thing is, Sinn’s new program will cost you less than a fast-food meal and it gives you a complete “roadmap” for talking to hot women…and then, I’ll send you over $175 worth of free bonuses just for checking it out! This one is a no-brainer:


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