Pickup Artist Jon Sinn: 3 Transitions To Use When You Talk To Women

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Hey man,

This is Dean Cortez. I want to share with you some powerful tips from my friend Jon Sinn so that you’ll ALWAYS know how to keep your conversations with women moving forward.

Learn the tricks in this email, and you’ll never get “stuck” and struggle to figure out what to ask her, or say to her, next.

I’ve personally witnessed Sinn flirting with tons of hot women, and his “conversation game” is pretty incredible to watch.

So now YOU can use these same tactics:


Jon Sinn here, and today I’m opening up my bag of tricks to fix one of the biggest problems guys have when you get out there and start talking to women.

That’s right, I’m talking about “transitioning” off of your opening line. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve watched a guy start a conversation and then not know what to do next…well, I’d have a lot of dollars and would not be writing seduction articles online, lol.

So let’s jump right into it with the best 3 ways to transition off the opening line.



Here are few examples of this:

“You remind me of my friend Sarah, and one of the things about Sarah is she is a female player.”

“This bar reminds me of the time I was in New York and I almost got straight-bashed by some belligerent gay guys.”

“You know, that drink reminds me of the time I had like 12 Jack and Cokes, and madness ensued.”

Observations are a great way to transition. You can always make an observation about the girl, about the environment, about the other people in the environment.

Those are all ways to move to another subject. A transition exists to get from one subject to another. Generally you’re going to transition right after your opener, and then as soon as a conversational subject starts to lose someone’s interest, it’s time to transition to another one, and that’s where you use observations.


A transition phrase just links one subject to another.


“Check this out”

“Oh, my God, the craziest thing happened”

“ I have to tell you about this!”

They are usually simple, and no one is ever going to say, “Wait, you were talking about your mom’s girlfriend’s sister needing a dog, and now we are talking about New York, that’s not logical.”

No one calls you out on these things.

The whole point of a transition phase is to just quickly and easily transition from one subject to another without having to do a lot. Transition phrases are a really easy to use.


So for example, if I want to talk about how I just moved to L.A. from New York, I might say something like,

“You’re totally not from New York, right?”

“You’re totally not from L.A., right?”

And when the girl says, either, “Yes, I am from L.A.”, or, “No I’m not” – I say, “Oh, yeah, I just moved back from New York” and “You don’t seem like you’re from L.A.” or “You seem like you’re from L.A.”

So it’s good to use questions, as long as you know what you’re going to do AFTER you ask the question (you’re not just sitting there and being like, “cool, that’s good, let me ask you another question…”)

Use your question specifically to transition. If I want to get to the subject of psychology from the subject of shopping for my niece, I could say something like:

“Did you ever read that book Queen Bees and Wannabes?”

And the girl might be “No, what’s that?” I’d be like: oh, it’s this book about like 16-year-olds in psychology and how they form these little cliques and groups and it’s really interesting. You know, they say that each girl is like this type of girl or that type of girl, and you are
a banker.

But, again, just using questions to go from subject to subject, is very, very powerful as long as you know what you are going to talk about after the question.

So to re-cap the 3 best ways to transition off of the opener are using observations, using transition phrases, or using setup questions in order to move the conversation off of the opener and into a free flowing normal conversation that ranges over a variety of subjects.

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Dean Cortez

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