Mack Tactic Of The Day: “Creating I.O.U.’s”

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Hey this is Dean from M.A.C.K. Tactics, the legendary system that shows you how to attract hot women, step by step.

In this article, I’m going to give you one of my favorite tactics. It’s a really cool, powerful tip called “Creating I.O.U.s” that is going to make it so much easier for you to gain favor with women and actually make them want to do things for YOU.

But first, I want to give you a little background on how I got to this point…

The Strange But True Story Behind Mack Tactics


My first book, M.A.C.K. Tactics, was based on my adventures on the singles scene with a Hostage Negotiator who took me under his wing and taught me how to communicate with (and seduce) women on a whole new level.

It’s true. I was trained in the art of pickup by an actual Hostage Negotiator, just like you’ve seen in the movies…when some armed-to-the-teeth psycho is holed up inside a bank with a bunch of terrified hostages, the cops call in a Negotiator to talk things through with him and work out a peaceful surrender.

My Negotiator buddy actually did that for a living. In fact, he was the youngest Negotiator in his police department. And being that we lived in Las Vegas, once he’d wrapped up a stressful standoff it was his custom to hit the bars and nightclubs and blow off steam.

I would accompany him on these late-night excursions, where I discovered that my Negotiator friend also happened to be phenomenal with women.

Whether we were hanging out in bars and nightclubs, or running errands at the local mall, he was constantly meeting and chatting up new women.

He made it seem effortless, as if he knew precisely what to say to make them smile, lower their guard, and want to know him.

I realized his uncanny ability to bond with people, and relate to them, was due to his training and in-field experience as a Hostage Negotiator.

As I continued to watch him in action, I began to see the parallels between Negotiations and conversing with women. Many of the same rules apply to both.

And if you master these rules, you’ll become absolutely unstoppable when interacting with women.

How To Attract Women By Creating IOUs


Let me give you an example of a Hostage Negotiation tactic that I adapted to use with women. It’s called “creating I.O.U’.s.”

The idea behind this tactic is that most guys CONSTANTLY do favors for women, and ask for nothing in return. We buy them drinks when we’re out at bars. We take them out on dates and buy them dinner. If a girl we find attractive asks us to do pretty much ANYTHING, we’ll jump at the chance to help her out, in the hopes of winning her affection.

The problem is, beautiful women are USED to guys bending over backwards to please them, and do things for them. Which is way I want you to start “turning the tables.” From now on, you’re going to look for ways to create I.O.U.s. You’re going to let women KNOW that you’re going out of your way to do nice things for them, and this will have a subconscious effect. Instead of taking your efforts for granted, she will feel the need to pay you back. And this “payback” will be in the form of sex!

Before I explain how to create I.O.U.’s with women, let’s look at how this tactic is used in a Hostage Negotiation…

The IOU Tactic: How It’s Used In Negotiations


Let’s say a guy named Bob has barricaded himself inside his house with his ex-wife and kids. He’s holding them at gunpoint. The house is surrounded by cops and a SWAT team. The Negotiator shows up on the scene, and starts talking to the hostage taker over the phone.

The Negotiator will start creating I.O.U’s by making the hostage taker feel that he’s on his side and going out of his way to help him out:

“Listen, Bob, I just want you to know that I’m on your side. I’m going to make sure no one tries to go in there and mess with you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

A bit later in the negotiation, he might say:

“Bob, I just spoke to everyone out here and I made sure no one is going to cut off the power or electricity inside your house. I want you to be calm and comfortable in there, so that you and me can keep talking.”

Now, here’s the thing: the cops never had any intention of storming the house, or cutting off the electricity. But the Negotiator makes it SEEM like he’s bending over backwards to do Bob favors, and look out for him.

Naturally, Bob appreciates this. Subconsciously, he also feels indebted to the Negotiator. This is where a psychological principle called the Rule of Reciprocity comes into play: as human beings, when we feel that someone is doing us favors (or giving us something valuable for free), we want to do something for THEM.

And so, when the Negotiator asks Bob to release one of the hostages, Bob complies. He feels that he “owes” the Negotiator that much. As the Negotiation continues, more I.O.U’s are created, and Bob continues to “pay back” the Negotiator by granting his requests—until eventually, all of the hostages are freed and Bob exits the house and surrenders peacefully.

Now let’s look at some ways that you can playfully create (and cash in) I.O.U.s with women.

Examples Of Creating IOUs With Women


When you call her up to ask her out on date, you say something like, “Jessica, tonight’s your lucky night because I’m going to take you to one of my ‘secret’ off-the-radar spots. It’s a very cool bar-lounge that not many people know about. I only bring close friends there because it’s like my private hideaway. But I know you would enjoy it so I’m going to show it to you…just don’t tell a lot of people about it.”

Isn’t that a WAY cooler way to ask a girl out than to say “Um, you feel like going out for a drink?” With this approach, you’re getting her excited about visiting a cool new spot that you ONLY bring special people to. And you’re doing her a favor.

Then, throughout the evening, I’ll rack up more IOUs. When she’s in my car, I might say, “Normally I never let anyone touch my radio, but I’m going to let you go ahead and choose the music tonight because I have a feeling you’ve got good taste. Just don’t let me down—no Justin Bieber, ok?”

When we walk into a restaurant, and she goes to sit down, I’ll say “That’s funny, that’s the side of the table I ALWAYS sit on. But it’s ok, you can take it, you’re the VIP tonight.” (She’ll usually make a little protest, but I’ll walk around the table, pull out her chair, and help her get settled into her seat.)

Afterwards, if we’re at a bar or lounge having drinks, I’ll say “I promised myself I’d be home by eleven o’clock because I have a meeting in the morning, but this conversation is so interesting I’m going to have to give you one more hour.”

These are all I.O.U.s. (You can throw in jokes, too: “OK, I’ll get us one more round of drinks, but you’re going to owe me a 30-minute back massage.”)

At the end of the night, you might wind up driving her home and walking her to her front door. This is an awkward moment for most guys; they’re wondering if they should go for a goodnight kiss. But if you’ve built up some I.O.U.s, there’s no need to be stressed—because now all you have to do is cash them in. You smile, and say something like…

“I hope you had fun tonight, I wanted to make sure you had a good time. I brought you to my secret spot…I let you choose the music…I gave you my seat at the restaurant…I even stayed up past my curfew…so I figure the least you can do is invite me in for a drink.”

I have NEVER gotten turned down when I phrase it like that…

Stay tuned for more M.A.C.K. Tactics!

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