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Imagine if you knew the exact words to say to any woman to spark “instant chemistry…”

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From: Dean Cortez

Dear Future Chick Magnet:

My name’s Dean, and I’m about to spit in the face of every “dating guru” and “pickup artist” who’s been trying to tell guys like you and me how to get better with women…

Because once you read my story, you’ll know that the seduction tactics I teach are way beyond ANYTHING else out there.

I want you to read this page very carefully, because I’m going to give you techniques that make it drop-dead easy for you to attract endless women into your life…

I’ll give you simple, rejection-proof tactics (you can learn them in five minutes) for starting conversations in a playful, casual way, and then using specific words and questions to spark feelings of ATTRACTION in women (instead of them seeing you as “just a friend”)…

You’ll also discover my favorite “lines and routines” for teasing girls, so that you push their “emotional hot buttons” (you’ll learn how to be the playful “bad boy” women are hard-wired to go for…)

And I’ll also reveal some super-powerful confidence-building tricks so that the next time you go out to meet women..or go on a date…you’ll have an unstoppable “Alpha Male” attitude that will make her panties automatically get wet.

But before I “pull back the curtain” and expose these secrets, do me one little favor, OK?

STOP listening to your female friends when you talk to them about dating and relationships.

They’ll say things like, “Just be yourself, and the right girl will come along!”

(Which is some of the WORST advice you can possibly get…)

And the reason women can’t advise you on how to get laid is simple:

It’s because women don’t understand their own “attraction triggers.”

Women always say they “want” a certain type of guy, but in reality, they’re hard-wired to feel SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to something else.

You know it’s true. Women say they want to meet a “nice guy”…regular guys, like you and me…but then they fall for guys who are ALL WRONG for them.

This is because women have “sexual attraction switches” they can’t control…

But if YOU learn how to flip these switches, you’ll get laid as much as you want…with the girls you want the most.

And on this page, I’m going to share with you some powerful tactics and proven methods that turned my sex life around.

Because you can probably relate to the way my life used to be…

How many times have you seen a beautiful girl you would have loved to talk to, but you didn’t approach her because you weren’t sure what to say?

When’s the last time you found yourself “running out of steam” when you were talking to a woman? The conversation started out okay, but then you weren’t sure sure how to keep it flowing… how to move past the “small talk” and make to feel INTO you?

Aren’t you tired of playing the “dating game” by their rules? Taking women out and spending money on them, hoping they’ll like you enough to want to see you again… but most of the time, this only leads to rejection and disappointment?

Well now here’s the good news…

If you’re ready to handle your dating life once and for all, the secrets are on this page.

Because I’m going to tell you how I went from being a regular, frustrated dude… who was convinced that really hot girls were “out of my league”…

A guy who was too nervous to approach beautiful girls and try to start conversations, because I figured I had no shot with them…

To sleeping with more than 400 hot girls from all over the world and becoming the famous, best-selling author of the most powerful books ever written on seduction… and the TRUTH about how to attract women.

These are bold statements, yet I know they are 100% true…

The story of how I learned to “flip the switch” is really going to surprise you.

You might find it weird, maybe a bit shocking…

And I’m going to give you the whole amazing story (and share some very cool “tactics” with you) in just a moment…

But first, I want you to imagine yourself having rock-solid, bulletproof confidence with women… ALL women, even the drop-dead sexy “9s” and “10s” that your friends would never have the balls to approach…

I want you to picture yourself knowing the perfect thing to say to start a conversation with one of these girls… so that she immediately smiles, drops her guard, and feels a sense of comfort and chemistry with you (this is so much easier than you think, once you learn a few simple techniques which I’ll give you in a moment…)

And think of how powerful and confident you will feel once you know a “system” that allows you to flip the “attraction switches” in any woman’s brain, simply by using the correct words… the specific questions to ask, to make women smile, laugh, and feel “bonded” to you within moments…

Just imagine the looks on your friends’ faces as they watch you confidently walk up to the most attractive girl in the bar… you “open” her with the “Facebook Friends” routine (this one works like a charm), and after 30 minutes of playful flirting you take her by the hand, walk her past your amazed friends, and out of the bar… and bring her back to your place

Picture what would it feel like to have the power to choose which women you want to date and spend your precious time with… and to have so many hot women in your “social orbit” that the only decision you need to make is which girl to see on Tuesday night, which one to invite to your place on Wednesday, which girl to hang out with Saturday night, and so on…

I want you to think about your dream dating life right now. What does it look like?

Is your goal to find that one gorgeous, intelligent, one-in-a-million woman to build a passionate long-term relationship with?

Or is your goal right now to sow your wild oats, and enjoy the “rock star sex life” that 99% of men can only fantasize about… enjoying mind-blowing sexual adventures with a variety of beautiful women?

Or maybe right now you just want to be able to approach any woman with total bad-ass confidence…feel “in command” of every conversation…and have your choice of girls to hang out with, date, sleep with…whatever you’re in the mood for.

Whatever your goal is, to reach that goal you’ll need to have the right mindset and the right set of skills.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you …so keep reading, because your transformation begins here, on this page.

My name is Dean Cortez, and the guys I grew up with never would have guessed I would one day become a world-renowned pickup artist and show thousands of guys around the world how to achieve their ultimate dating life.

This is because before I became the “go-to guy” for men of all ages who want to turbo-charge their lifestyle and attract more women, and hotter women

Before I started appearing in magazines like FHM and Maxim to give dating advice to men around the world…

My own dating life SUCKED.

Perhaps you too can relate to this feeling. I had a lot of things going for me… plenty of friends, a decent job, and I went out on a regular basis to socialize and try to meet women…

But it was so damn difficult to figure out what women REALLY wanted.

You know what I’m talking about. Women always say they want to find a “nice guy,” but it seems like when you treat them with kindness and respect, they never want to sleep with you.

Instead, they wind up getting mixed up with some jerk, or a “bad boy” who takes them for granted and treats them like crap…

Or, she acts like she’s into you… you’ve been hanging out with her a lot, maybe taking her out and spending money on her… and you think things are moving in the right direction, until she starts acting weird and she’s always too “busy” to hang out… and then one day you get the speech that every guy dreads…

(It goes something like this: “You’re such a great guy, but I like you as a friend…”)

Ouch! Hearing those words is like getting kicked in the stomach

I feel your pain… because I’ve been there.

But I want you to know something…

It’s not your fault.

The reason why it’s not your fault will become clear to you in a moment.

And once you understand this, and apply a few simple steps that you will discover on this page, everything will change for you.

You won’t experience any more of the frustration, confusion and heartbreak that I did.

You won’t need to slip down the rabbit hole and hit rock bottom the way I did.

I remember the day I finally said to myself, “enough is enough.” And I want to tell you about that day, even though it’s deeply embarrassing…

I wasn’t planning on revealing these humiliating personal details, but I want to share this story with you because you need to understand where I came from.

I’m not a “natural” — one of those guys who was “born” to attract women.

In fact, I never got laid in high school. Not once.

It wasn’t like I was some clueless nerd…

I played sports, and played guitar in a band. I had lots of friends. I even took a cute girl to my senior prom…

But whenever it came time to “close the deal,” I froze up. I had no idea what to do.

So I went on to college, where I made lots of new friends, met tons of girls, and spent way more time partying than I did studying…

But still, I always seemed to wind up in the “Friend Zone” with the girls I liked.

I did lose my virginity during my junior year (finally!), but I was so nervous the whole experience lasted about 2.5 seconds…

And it wasn’t much better once I graduated and entered into the “real world.”

I dated some girls. I had a girlfriend for a couple of years, so I was getting laid, at least…

Until she dumped me on the eve of our two-year anniversary…so that she could run off with my “friend” Steve, who’d been banging her behind my back.

He’d even been screwing her in our bed, while I was at work, busting my ass for 12 hours a day to pay our rent…

I was miserable and depressed for a long time after that…

Until I met Jessica.

I fell madly, head-over-heels in love with that girl…

And we were together for the next three years.

My buddies used to joke around how Jessica was “out of my league”…

And I laughed along with their jokes, but to be honest, it stung a little. Because in my mind, she WAS out of my league…

You see, Michelle was really good looking. She was HOT.

If you’d seen us together, you would have thought, “what’s a girl like THAT doing with a guy like HIM?”

(And whenever I saw pictures of me and her together, I thought the same thing…)

Here I was, barely making enough money at my soul-crushing job to pay the rent on my crummy apartment…

Struggling to “make it” as a writer…

Slaving away in a cubicle all day, then coming home and working on my novel until I passed out from exhaustion.

Jessica used to believe in me… she emotionally supported me… but after a while, she started to get restless.

Every time I brought her out to a bar, or a party, other dudes would hit on her the second I turned my back.

(Like I said, this girl was seriously hot…)

Well, one day Jessica dropped a bomb on me.

I came home from work, after a grueling 10-hour day the office…

And she packing her bags.

She told me she was moving out…

That she had “met someone”…

And that it was better if we were “just friends,” because she didn’t have the same “feelings” for me that she had before.

I felt like I’d been hit with a sledgehammer.

After Jessica dumped me, I sunk into a deep depression. I felt completely alone. Lost.

I just wanted her back. Even though she’d treated me like crap, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

But now… in this next part of the story… things get really interesting. I call this…

After Vanessa left me, I didn’t leave my apartment for the next few months, besides going to my dreaded day job.

I was like a zombie.

Some of the guys I worked with felt sorry for me. They started inviting me out to the bars and clubs, just to get me out of my house…

But I was like a fish out of water in those places.

The other guys…the “competition”…they seemed so much cooler, better-looking, and more confident than I was.

I remember going out… seeing some cute girl I wanted to talk to… and I’d suck down a few drinks, until I had enough “liquid courage” to walk up to her and try to say hello…

But from there, it was like a slow-motion car crash. I had no idea what to say next, what to ask her about, how to get her interested in me… and if she was willing to talk to me, how was I supposed to move it from a “friendly conversation” into something more?

As time passed, I started to forget about Vanessa. I made new friends. I had some fun nights going out with “the boys,” and I met a bunch of girls… but when it came down to getting laid, I had to rely on “getting lucky.” And that rarely happened…

I decided I was never going to find a quality girlfriend in the bars and clubs, so I tried Internet dating…

I found this to be an easier way to meet girls and get them to agree to a date. But it never went as smoothly as I’d hoped.

Like most guys taking a girl out on a first date, I figured if I spent some money and wined and dined her, she might want to “pay me back” with some loving at the end of the night… but it usually didn’t turn out that way.

She’d tell me how she needed to be up early tomorrow, and had to get home… or even worse, she’d tell me “You’re a really nice guy, but I think we should be friends…

I remember how bad I used to feel… I was desperate to make a change, but I had no idea how.

Then I discovered the underground “seduction community”… Internet forums where guys gathered to talk about the art of “pickup.” I spent endless hours reading the forums and writing down notes…. and then I wound up spending hundreds of dollars on books and products from so-called “pickup gurus.”

One time, I even blew nearly $1,500 to buy a ticket to a seminar by some famous pickup artist dude. What a complete waster of money that was…I could tell he wasn’t getting laid any more than I was!

One night at 3AM at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, after a long night of trying (and failing) to meet women at some popular nightclub, I was hanging out at the casino bar and licking my wounds… watching the usual parade of super-hot tourist girls and off-duty strippers stroll past…

When I noticed that the dude drinking a beer next to me was chatting up three of the hottest girls in the whole building. (I’m talking Playboy Magazine cover-girl quality.)

He was average height (about five foot eight), and wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers… not the type of guy you would normally notice. But these three absolute stunners were hanging on his every word, smiling at everything he said, touching him and flirting like crazy…

I figured the guy must have been some Hollywood actor, or a cocaine dealer, or maybe he was in some rock band that was burning up the charts (I stopped following the hot “new” bands a long time ago…)

I watched carefully as he whipped out his phone… collected their phone numbers… gave each of them a hug and a kiss, and told them he’d “text them later about the ‘after party,’ after he handled some business.”

Then he sent them on their way. As if he was totally unimpressed by them.

I had to meet this dude and find out his story. I signaled to the bartender to get us a couple of beers, and I introduced myself to him.

I learned that he wasn’t an actor, a rock star, a cocaine kingpin or an Internet billionaire. Far from it.

He was a Hostage Negotiator.

Yeah, like you’ve seen in the movies. This guy worked for the police department and got called into action to solve crazy crisis situations… suicidal jumpers on a rooftop, who needed to be “talked down”… a bunch of bank robbers holed up inside the bank with hostages…

He was the guy they called to go in when everything was on the line, to talk to them, calm them down, and negotiate a peaceful outcome. And he was able to do it successfully every time.

He was the youngest Hostage Negotiator in the history of the police department… and the very best… because as I would learn, this guy had an ability to use words to completely control a person’s emotional state.

This guy was so charismatic and persuasive, you’d follow him into combat five minutes after meeting him…

And women would follow him into bed in nearly the same amount of time.

I saw it with my own eyes.

“The Negotiator” and I started hanging out every night, hitting the bars and clubs, and I watched as he effortlessly seduced the most beautiful women in Las Vegas.

And every doorman, every bouncer, every VIP nightclub host… they all knew him and loved him. He had a magical way of connecting with people in seconds, by saying certain things to switch off their “defenses” and make them feel bonded to him instantly.

I saw him approach and score with Hollywood actresses… exotic dancers from the hottest strip clubs in Las Vegas who make $2,000 a night from rich VIPs… and “Perfect 10s” who’d come to Las Vegas for a party weekend… those girls you see at the clubs who you would never have the balls to flirt with…

You’ve never heard this guy’s name.

He’s not one of those “pickup artist dudes” you see on TV or on the Internet, wearing a silly outfit and using all kinds of scientific-sounding terms to explain how to get in a girl’s pants.

The Negotiator was the real deal…and the stuff he revealed to me, as I watched him bed the hottest girls in Vegas, was pure white-hot magic, light years beyond anything you’ve ever read about pickup…

And I’m going to share some of these techniques with you in a moment…

But first I want to ask you to picture how amazing it would feel if you always knew the perfect thing to say to start conversations with women…and exactly what to do next to make her smile, laugh, touch you, and bat her eyelashes at you in that adorable way that means she is starting to fall for you

Imagine knowing how to push her buttons and “tweak” her emotions, to instantly amplify her interest, curiosity and sexual desire…from the very first thing you say to start the conversation, all the way to “closing the deal” after taking her a first date she will never forget.


This wildly popular program received rave reviews from Maxim, FHM, Playboy, and other top men’s publications. It was also hailed as the world’s best pickup system by top pickup artists and dating coaches — because Mack Tactics puts a mind-blowing twist on the dating game.

No other program contains these secrets of persuasion and communication…and these are the key to being absolutely confident and successful whenever you talk to women.

Because once I’d learned The Negotiator’s “black bag of tricks,” I had a lot of fun “out-gaming” other guys…guys who were better-looking than me, taller than me, and had way more money. It didn’t matter…now I had an unfair advantage over all of them!

I would go to bars with my friends…and they’d see some really cute girl, and DARE me to try to pick her up (since they didn’t have the balls to try)…

I’d walk up to the girl… use the perfect Opener to make her smile, laugh and feel curious about me… and I’d “transition” into the perfect conversation topic and use Negotiator techniques to quickly make her feel trust and comfort. (These are essential steps in order to make a girl feel attracted to you.)

Then I’d use a few quick, easy tactics to build sexual tension and attraction…and before my friends could finish their beers I’d have that girl sitting on my lap and flirting with me like crazy!

It didn’t matter if she was with a group of friends when I made my approach, or even talking to some other guy. (Just watch the “Under The Wire” bonus training video (which is free when you order the M.A.C.K. Tactics program), and you’ll learn how to easily steal girls away from the competition…)

You could put me up against the flashiest “player” in any bar or nightclub, and if we were going for the same girl I would leave him in the dust.

I was like a master chess player with hundreds of lethally effective moves ready to be deployed at any moment… or an elite salesperson with dozens of proven, brutally effective closing strategies at the tip of my tongue…

You’re about to learn these same tricks…and you’ll make it look embarrassingly easy.

m.a.c.k tactics

From meeting girls and “speed closing” them the same night, to achieving the sexually dominant, high-powered Alpha Male lifestyle that you want and deserve, the Mack Tactics manuals are known as the ultimate resource for guys who want to master their dating lives.

But here’s what really blew people’s minds: to create the M.A.C.K. Tactics system, I teamed up with a real-life Hostage Negotiator to study the secret, hyper-effective techniques that top Negotiators use to influence and persuade people.

As you know, Negotiators are highly trained expert communicators. They understand the “hidden power” of words and language.

They know loaded phrases and penetrating questions that allow them to quickly build a bridge of trust with someone they just met… create deep comfort and rapport in mere moments… and then, the Negotiator can masterfully guide the conversation in the exact direction he wants it to go.

(These methods tap into the core needs and impulses of the human brain…so I must ask you to please use them ethically & responsibly…)

I started applying these same tactics to my interactions with women, and the results rocked me to my core. I discovered that I could use these secrets to effortlessly meet girls and create “instant sexual chemistry.” And believe me, if they worked for a former “shy guy” like me, they might be even more powerful for you…

Breaking the ice with women will never be a problem again, once you’re armed with this explosive bag of tricks.

But using these “subconscious bonding techniques” to create chemistry with women was just the beginning of my journey. I spent the next two years hanging out with the world’s top pickup artists and underground seduction legends to develop a complete blueprint.

If you’re a 40-year-old virgin and your typical Saturday night consists of playing video games and wolfing down fast food, then you probably need professional therapy…not this seduction system.

And if you think you simply need to “be yourself,” and eventually you’ll get lucky and your fairy-tale princess will come along… then I don’t think you’re ready for the devastating weapons I’m about to put in your hands.

If you think being “friends first” with women is the key to making them open their hearts (and legs), and you refuse to believe there is a better way… then do us both a favor and don’t read Page 44 of the Mack Tactics book… you’re only going to be shocked, dazed and confused by the way this book annihilates the “usual” dating advice.

If you think shelling out thousands of dollars to go to some scammy seminar taught by a “pick up guru” (who isn’t getting laid any more than you are) is the answer to your problems, then go ahead, waste your hard-earned money…

And if you think you can stay home on the weekends, playing video games while wait for some hottie to magically appear on your doorstep… well, then this program definitely isn’t for you…

Because Mack Tactics is for men of action. So if you’re ready to take charge of your dating life and blowing your chances with women, then you owe it to yourself to learn the lessons on this page.

After years of research and field-testing, I compiled all of the most effective techniques & routines into Mack Tactics: Volumes I & II.

dean cortez

Mack Tactics: Volumes I & II contain hundreds of pages filled with everything you need to know about creating a new, more attractive you… playing the dating game to win… and persuading and communicating with women on a new level.

The 20 chapters in these best-selling manuals cover an awesome array of topics including Approaches, Conversation Control, Confidence Building, Mack Fashion, Wingmen, First Dates, Negotiation Techniques, Closing the Deal, Target Rich Environments, the Secrets of Magnetic Attraction, and much, much more, including…

get a girl in bedThe “power negotiator phrases” that can control a woman’s emotional state and trigger her sexual attraction switches…

how to get girlsThe Ten M.A.C.K. Commandments that you must know if you want to make women feel deep, lasting attraction towards you…

macktacticsBreakthrough techniques for controlling every conversation, whether it’s to get with a girl in bed or a close a business deal. You’ll always know what to talk with girls about. No nervous small talk. No awkward silences. You’ll use clever conversation tactics to hold her attention, while building her curiosity and interest in you…

mack tactics torrentThe number one rule for achieving massive “cocky confidence.” Picture yourself having more women in your life than you can handle and being the Alpha Male that women chase. There aren’t enough days in the week to spend time with all of the girls who are calling and texting you. But you’ll never have to worry about losing a girl — because others will be competing for your attention!

can get a girlThe little-known facts about what women want out of men and relationships… how a girl subconsciously “screens” you (the second you start talking to her)… and how to make sure you always make an incredible first impression. What women say they want, and what they are naturally programmed to NEED in a man, are two very different things. 95% of men have no clue, and it’s why they NEVER get the women they desire the most…

how talk to girlsHow to “jam her radar”: wickedly effective stealth tactics that let you slip through her defenses and make her instantly curious to know you, instead of shutting you out.

* Learning these “radar jamming” techniques is going to completely change the way you interact with women. Students of mine have gotten 8-10 phone numbers a night by using these methods!

meet single girlsThe best places to meet attractive single women, which most men overlook. I’ll give you the specific tactics you need to crush these target rich environments and rack up phone numbers, dates and even hot one-night stands.

NOTE: The recently updated & expanded version of Mack Tactics contains a brand-new chapter titled “The Conversation Blueprint” that gives you a simple, step-by-step sequence for approaching women (or groups of women) and starting coo,, fun conversations in a way that captivates their attention and eliminates the risk of you getting shot down or blown off.

You know how nerve wracking it can be… trying to figure out what to say to a hot girl to “break the ice” and get things started in a way that ISN’T awkward or corny… because you know if you don’t get it right, she’ll tune you out before you even get the chance to introduce yourself!

Lacking the right “approach game” is one of the biggest obstacles that guys face. (Let’s be honest — you can learn all of the “lines” and “routines” in the world, but if you can’t get the conversation flowing none of it will make a difference!)

So here are a few quick approach tips that you can start using right away…

mack tactics ebook Never permission to talk to a woman. Leading off with “Excuse me, can I ask you something” or “Pardon me, may I know your name…” immediately puts her on high alert because she senses that you’re just another insecure, needy guy who is hoping to be granted some of hertime.On page 52 of the Mack Tactics book you’ll learn how to kick-start every conversation with massive, playful confidence and then maintain a strong “Alpha” mindset at all times. Never again will you worry about “what to say” or how to fill those awkward silences…you’ll have a smooth response for any and every situation.

By using a few clever, strategic techniques, within minutes she’ll be trying to impress you and demonstrate that she’s cool enough to earn a spot on “your team”…but you’re not going to make it easy on her! You’ll position yourself as the “prize” that she’ll want to compete for and win…while you push a sequence of “emotional hot buttons” that result in her feeling undeniable sexual attraction.

mack tactics ebookAssume Rapport. When two people have “rapport” it means they’re at ease with each other and have things in common. One thing you’ll notice about guys who are amazing with women: when they meet girls, they talk to them as if they’ve known them forever. Joking around with them, teasing, giving the girl a funny “nickname,” making light body contact…on page 56 you’re going to learn tactics for creating instant rapport (which you must do as part of laying the proper groundwork. Sexual attraction will not occur unless rapport is established).

On the other hand, have you ever noticed how most guys, when they meet women, act stiff and “formal” and start asking her a bunch of boring questions? (“So what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Have you been to this bar before?” Etc…) You’ll be the opposite of those tongue-tied chumps when you put your tactics to work.

get mack tactics Enter into every conversation with a game plan. In the “Conversation Control” chapter (page 69) you’re going to master a whole arsenal of conversational techniques including Hypotheticals, Advanced Cold Reads, Minimal Encouragers, Creative Phrasing, Articulate Avoidance, and many others. You’ll also learn our “Hooks & Ladders” technique which guarantees that you will never “run out of steam” during a conversation again!

From now on, you will have a game plan and a closing strategy every time you start a conversation with a girl — whether it’s at a mall, the gym, or a nightclub on Saturday night. (Part of having a bulletproof game plan is knowing how to Gather Intell on her, which is explained on page 28.)

Picture yourself the next time you’re at a bar, or a party. You notice a really cute girl, but she’s surrounded by a group of friends…

Now imagine you watch the group for a moment… you scan their body language, what they’re wearing, and how they interact with each other…and you quickly take mental notes and formulate the perfect approach strategy. When you approach, you know exactly what to say to break the ice, make them smile, and put the whole group in a “comfort zone” so that they’re having fun and completely into what you’re saying.

Then, you use a “Hypothetical” (a patented Mack Tactics conversation technique) to take the conversation to a deeper, more meaningful level. She’s hanging on your every word, as you control the flow…

When you take girls on dates, it’s just as effortless. You’ll never get stuck in the “Friend Zone.” Instead, you’ll show her a playful, cocky “bad boy” edge…and trigger her hidden sexual desires. You make HER want to impress YOU. Because you know exactlyhow girls responds to certain body language and “trigger phrases…”

You will also use these Tactics to expand your social networks, always negotiate successful outcomes, and lead women down the path to YES instead of giving them reasons to say “no thanks…”

This is going to mean…

flirt with girlsNo more “freezing up” when you see some hottie you want to talk to. You’ll know exactly what to say to start the conversation, and then you’ll guide the interaction towards the result you want. (If she’s with a group of friends, no problem — you’ll use a different opening move that is designed for that exact situation.)

mack tactics bit torrent

No more winding up in the Friend Zone. From now on, you’ll give off a confident, irresistible “Bad Boy” vibe that makes women intensely curious about you… and sexually “turned on.”

mack tactics download

You won’t waste any more of your time and hard-earned money taking women out on expensive dates that don’t lead to sex…

dean cortez mack

And never again will you get “hung up” on trying to win one girl, because from now on you will have unlimited options.


M.A.C.K. Tactics is guaranteed to turbo-charge your success with women if you fall under one of these two categories:

CATEGORY #1: Sometimes women feel like frustrating mystery. They say they want a “nice guy,” but it seems that the hotties are only interested in rich guys, super-handsome “players,” or “jerks” who treat them like crap. You know if the right girl would give you a shot, you could be the greatest thing that ever happened to her. But you also know you need more confidence and stronger conversation skills if you’re going to go out there, meet the hotties, and start dating them…

CATEGORY #2: You’ve already got some decent “game.” You’ve had some girlfriends and you’re on track with your goals. But you still feel like something is missing. You want to put ALL of the pieces together and take your lifestyle to the next level. You don’t want to compromise when it comes to your long-term happiness. You don’t want to settle for girls who are 7’s or 8’s…you want to score the “perfect 10s.”

You can try to figure this stuff out on your own, but why? I’ve done all of the hard work for you. Years of research and “field testing” went into creating these manuals, and they’ve been updated multiple times to include our newest, hottest techniques.

Let me show you what one of our readers had to say…

This system also reveals:

More than a dozen “Lethal Weapons” to use during conversations – these topics and questions are designed to instantly amplify her feelings of attraction and curiosity (which makes it easy for you to get her back to your place…

10 simple exercises to bring out your inner “Alpha Male” — and how to unlock this side of your personality and use it to conquer your personal goals (with women, and beyond…)

How to compensate for your shortfalls and perceived weaknesses — whether it’s your age, your hair, your money, your body, your looks, your car, your job… whatever it is… and flip it around to your advantage…

The truth about your level of self-confidence — and a simple, step-by-step system to turbo change your confidence and “reprogram” yourself for success

How to never get your heart broken again — instead, you’ll know how to get women addicted to you, so that you’re in total command of your dating future…

How to “read her signals” BEFORE you approach

Specific strategies for starting conversations in different environments, no matter where you are (gyms, bars, clubs, on campus, at the office, seminars, coffee shops, grocery stores, meetings, online, at the beach… wherever hot women are found!)

How to overcome a woman’s TESTS (women are constantly “testing” you to find out how confident you really are, and you probably aren’t even aware of it)… you’ll discover the easy way turn the tables and start testing her instead (you won’t believe the look on her face when she realizes she’s the one being tested for the first time… and you won’t believe what she’ll do to pass your tests and get into your ‘good graces.’)

Do you have a hot female friend you’d love to bang? Or maybe she’s an awesome girl and you’d like a relationship with her, but don’t know how to take it to the “next level?” You’ll discover exactly what to do (step by step) to turn her from “just friends” to your screaming hot lover… and you can make her girlfriend (if you want)…

Do you have an “ex” you’d like to get back? This system reveals exactly how to get her to realize her mistake, and beg you to take her back (this technique is so sneaky and powerful, you’ll get her to chase YOU…)

A drop dead easy technique to re-frame rejection and turn it into success for meeting women with a simple exercise you can do in just a few seconds…

The one behavior most guys exhibit that kills over 90% of their possible romances…

Learn how to master your emotions and control your anxiety…

Afraid of rejection? I’ll show you how to flip a switch in your mind that shuts the fear off, and makes it easy for you to relax, just have fun and be in the moment…

The 6 all-time best conversation topics to instantly engage a woman’s interest and get her to open up to you. It will actually have her doing all the talking, while she slowly (and subconsciously) becomes more and more attracted to you…

How to avoid the gold-diggers, psychopaths and rude bitches who will only bring misery into your life… this simple secret (that’s incredibly easy to use) can literally save you thousands of dollars, and months of emotional turmoil and heartbreak…

How to get women to want to be around you – and approach YOU based on your sheer animal “Alpha Male” magnetism that you give off…

How to walk into a bar, club, party or any other social gathering and have everyone’s eyes immediately on you because you’re with a woman who’s “movie star beautiful”… how awesome would your life be if you could do that, literally at will?

How to neutralize lesser men who try to steal what is rightfully yours. (when you have a truly beautiful woman by your side, the vultures, traitors and scum will try to take her from you… I know this from brutal experience… you’ll discover how to put these ‘ass-clowns’ in their rightful place, so they pay you the proper respects when they see you OR your girlfriend)

Do you hate jerks? You know, those “pretty boys” who hang out in clubs, with gooped up hair, leased luxury cars (that are about to be repossessed) and hot women going ga-ga over them? I’ll tell you step by step how to get those women to completely ignore those jerks and cluster around you, hanging on your every word… even if you’re fat, balding, and drive a beat up Ford Pinto! If you’ve ever dreamed of “tormenting” a jerk, you’ll love this part…

The Quantum Leap Method for fast-tracking your success with women…

Doesn’t it piss you off when a girl says “Let’s just be friends?” Me too – which is why I’m going to show you two secrets that prevent any woman from ever “friending” you again… let that happen to other guys, not you.

Are you especially attracted to “younger women” – you know, hot little 19–23 year olds with firm bodies, “girls who just want to have fun?” You’ll discover how to get them to flock to you no matter your looks, age or income. They may not want to be seen in public with you, but who cares… let them know you can “deliver the goods” and they’ll sneak into your house just to be with you.

If you were to buy the two M.A.C.K. Tactics books individually, these two “underground” manuals… including all of the new bonus chapters and extra tactics… it would cost you well over $297.

But you’re not going to pay that much. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Before I tell you what you’re going to invest today to handle your dating life permanently, let me just remind you of what you already know…

You know how frustrating it feels to see beautiful women all the time that you WANT to talk to (and hopefully nail!), but that little voice in the back of your brain tells you not to… so you don’t take action, and these women walk out of your life forever…

You also know how painful it is when you get stuck in the “Friend Zone” with a girl you like… you want to move the relationship to the “next level,” but you’re not sure how to do it without freaking her out, or messing everything up…

And I know you hate seeing the girls YOU want being snatched up by arrogant, insensitive jerks who don’t deserve them…

But most of all, I know you’re sick and tired of not being in control of your dating destiny. Why should you have to wait around and hope to “get lucky” someday with the right girl? And the scary part is, you know that day might never come…

This system is worth much more than $297, because it reveals to you:

· Step by step instructions about how to learn the M.A.C.K. Tactics system quickly and easily, so you can get immediate results…

· My “crash course” for building unstoppable confidence FAST, so that no girl ever feels “out of your league” again…

· “Cheat Sheets” to help you master a variety of super-clever effective openers (use these to break the ice…they never fail!)

· Secrets Of Conversation Control: Battle-tested negotiator strategies that allow you to bond with any woman within minutes

· What to say (and not say) on the phone (this is critical… one false step and you’re finished)

· How to take women on amazing first dates — you’ll hardly need to spend any money at all once you learn these UNIQUE first date ideas

· Sexual Acceleration Tactics so that you smoothly escalate from the conversation, to flirting, to sex — even on the first night that you meet her!

· Mack Style tips — revamp your “look” and make yourself instantly more attractive to women, without having to shop for a new wardrobe

Clearly, $297 would be a small price to pay to solve your dating life once and for all. But the two M.A.C.K. Tactics books are just the beginning of this system. I’m going to give you more value than you could ever imagine. When you order today, take a look at what else you’ll receive, totally free of charge…

As your first free bonus, when you purchase M.A.C.K. Tactics you will also receive TRAINING DAY, our video instruction series (regular price: $77.97).

how meet girls

Training Day, which was filmed at a sold-out M.A.C.K. Tactics seminar in Las Vegas, explains our system and provides actual demonstrations on how to approach, meet and close the deal with women.

These bonus videos are just for starters. I want to tell you about the other free products you’ll receive if you jump on this offer now . . .

pick up girls in bars

BONUS PRODUCT #2: The Complete Tactical Audio Course (value: $99.99). This huge audio course contains a complete audio version of the Mack Tactics books, plus all-new material. You get more than SEVEN HOURS of hardcore tactical training that you can listen to on your computer or mp3 player, or burn onto a CD. It also includes a special one-hour Master Class Audio Session featuring Carlos Xuma, the famous dating guru who has helped millions of men to lead an ultra-confident, success-driven “Alpha” lifestyle.

* We just released the new, improved & remastered version of the Tactical Audio Course. It now includes:

can get a girl The Mack Tactics action plan for developing an unstoppable mindset towards dating and achieving other important personal goals

talk to girls what The Conversation Blueprint (brand new!): The four-step plan for guiding your interactions with women from the opening move all the way to the bedroom. This new bonus section breaks down in detail the beginning, middle and end of a successful seduction — and explains exactly how you can achieve the same results the next time you pick up a girl.

get with a girl Ways to neutralize the other guys who getting inbetween you and the women you want, without ever having to confront them. (It’s all about psychology and persuasion…)

how to girls Advanced Conversation Control: “stealth” tactics to guide the conversation so that you avoid the wrong subjects, while staying in a groove that amplifies her sexual attraction towards you. (No matter what type of guy she thinks she is looking for, you’ll be the guy she can’t resist…)

get a hot girl Using Negotiator Tactics to place her in the comfort zone, capture her interest, build “I.O.U.’s” (another amazing Negotiator technique) and make her feel trust and comfort

how to pick up girls book The “negative trigger words” you should never use with a woman you just met (but most guys use all the time), and the words you should use to create sexual attraction

pick up women Secrets Of Same Night Lays: deal-closing techniques to get her in your bed and screwing your brains out that night

pick up on girls “Flipping the Switch”: the breakthrough method for turning the tables on women, so that they seek to impress YOU instead of the other way around

clubs pick up girls How to turn your buddies into highly skilled “wingmen” who will increase your success…and how to “wing” your buddies and get them laid (they’ll love you for it!)

girls to pick up Fashion, style & grooming tips for making an awesome first impression

guys pick up girls The step-by-step game plan for pulling off the ultimate first date. After learning this, you’ll never take girls out on “conventional” dates again. (You’ll also learn why taking girls out to “dinner and a movie” is a formula for not getting laid!)

These game-changing dating tactics get you the results you want…and you’ll barely spend any money at all!

how to talk to girls “Deal Closing” Strategies: Easy-to-learn techniques for getting women back to you place and putting them in a sexual mood. Use these tactics when you mack on girls at bars and clubs, or to end every first date with a “bang!”

get a girl off Special “under the radar” attraction tactics for seducing strippers, models and other “high-status” females who get constant attention from men and require a special approach.

And much, much more…

same night lays

BONUS PRODUCT #3: The Secrets of Same Night Lays Action Pack. (Value: $59.99) This one-hour video, special report, and audio coaching session by the notorious player Nick Rogue shows you exactly how to close the deal with girls the same night you meet them. Why waste time in the “Friend Zone” when you can put women in a fun, spontaneous, horny mindset and close the deal that night? Apply these advanced-level seduction tactics and you’ll rack up “same night lays” like a natural-born chick magnet.


pickup artist The only 2 rules you will ever need to get all the women you could ever want.

how to pick up women The 4 questions you absolutely must ask every woman you interact with, to get her into bed the same night you meet her.

mack tactic The weird secret about same-night sex women do NOT want you to know.

how to pick up women “Closing tactics” to make sure you go home with the girl EVERY TIME.

NOTE: You will receive the next bonus, Internet Domination 2.0, only if you act now.After, it may be removed from this package and sold separately.

I know you use Facebook. You might have a profile on a dating website or two, or maybe you’re curious about which dating sites are worth joining. In this book, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about picking up women online.

For example, do you know how to pimp your profile so that women actually contact you first…and do you know how to write fail-proof emails to girls so that they can’t help but write you back and want to know more about you?

Would you like to have an automatic “copy and paste” formula so that you can contact 10, 20, even 50 girls a day…but the emails you’re sending out out are so cleverly designed that 90% of the girls (or more) write you back immediately, and want to know more about you?

Well get ready to dominate Internet Dating websites as well, because this next bonus is without question the ultimate guide to meeting and attracting women online by using Facebook and other social networking and dating websites.

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BONUS PRODUCT #4: INTERNET DATING DOMINATION 2.0 – The Player’s Guide To Meeting Girls Online (Advanced Master Class Edition). This e-book manual shows you not only how to meet an endless stream of hot girls on the Internet, but connect with them in a way that makes them want to move the relationship into the “real world” as soon as possible. The Internet is the ultimate way to build up a vast network of amazing women (girlfriends, casual sex partners, booty calls, whatever you want) yet very few guys understand how to make themselves stand out from the crowd. With this handy e-book you will find out exactly how the world’s best “Internet macks” do it and line up constant dates (and sex with new girls whenever they’re in the mood!)

INTERNET DATING DOMINATION 2.0 will reveal to you:

pick up girls com The mistakes 90% of guys make in their choice of username and their headline – with specific examples of real-life good and bad ones

guys pick up girls How to craft the ULTIMATE profile to attract endless women, including some *sneaky tips* that will give you an unfair advantage over the other guys!

to pick up on girls The challenges you can expect when using online dating, and your tactical advantages…

girls to pick up How to understand the psychology of women on dating sites…what’s going through their mind, and how to push the right buttons to make them FLOCK to your profile

can get a girl The 7 things you must NEVER put in your profile…and the 3 things you MUST include to grab her attention

mack tactics The perfect first email to send a girl, and what you must say at the end of the email to guarantee that she writes back

dean cortez If she doesn’t respond to your email, how to catch her attention (in a funny, playful & confident way) and get her to reply

how to pick up girls bars Handling her “screening” questions: the tactical way to reply to ANY question she asks about you

how to meet girls online Online Chatting Tactics: How to get her to chat with you online, and what to say to drive up her interest and her desire to meet you

meet girls online The one thing you MUST do before you go for the phone number or the date (hint: most guys forget to do this, and ruin their chances…)

internet dating The two big subjects that you must not discuss on the internet with her

how to girls Handling multiple online relationships, and how to not get tripped up

get a girl off Complete profiles analyzed and reviewed step-by-step, with examples of how to improve your own for maximum results.

internet dating The perfect technique for setting up the first date, and how to get the outcome you want — whether your goal is casual sex, or to turn her into your girlfriend.

pick up girls

BONUS PRODUCT #5: The Sexual Mastery Pack (Value: $57.99). This bad-ass bundle of information is designed to transform you into a Sex God who is in total control in the bedroom…even when you’re with incredibly hot women, the type who would make the average guy “blow it” in mere seconds! You’re about to learn exactly how to give women the most intense, pleasurable sexual experiences of their lives, including powerful, full-body orgasms that she’ll never forget.

Remember, Mack Tactics arms you with the skills to seduce women and get them into your bed — but now you’ve got to deliver the goods. That’s why we’ve included the Sexual Mastery Pack among your many free bonuses.

how to pick up women First, in the special report “How To Be Her Best Lover Ever,” one of the top male porn stars (you’ve probably seen this guy’s movies!) reveals some of his most powerful sexual techniques.

Ever wonder how the studs in porn movies are able to pound away for as long as they want even while banging two super-hot women in every possible position?

Read this shocking report and you’ll discover the secrets of the top “swordsmen” in the industry. Then start using these techniques for yourself, and I guarantee you’ll have women begging you for more until you’re completely wiped out!

how to pick up girls The next report in the Sexual Mastery Pack is “The 3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Screaming, Shaking, Bed-Soaking Orgasms Every Time.” This report explains the REAL “Orgasm Zone” (and why most guys NEVER hit it)… the 3 “Ultimate Positions” for nailing that zone and driving women to screaming, shaking orgasms… and advanced sexual strategies for each of those positions. (They’re a little wild… you should only use the advanced moves if you’re truly looking to become a sexual master.)

how to get girls Next up you get a book AND mp3 audio session from sexual performance guru Nico Simon Princely. You’ll learn tips to last longer in bed, master your sexual technique, and give women incredibly intense sexual experiences like they’ve never had before.

how to get girls That’s not all. This bonus package also contains “The Five Types Of Female Orgasms.” It’s true — women are able to “climax” in five different ways. If you want to give your girl total, mind-blowing satisfaction, learn these methods and make her sexually erupt in ways she didn’t even know were possible!

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BONUS PRODUCT #6: Inner Game Mastery(Value: $67.77). This extra bundle of bonuses includes a full hour of audio coaching from Dean Cortez and a one-hour video that shows how to re-calibrate your attitude for unstoppable success with women. Plus, you’ll receive two special reports on Inner Game which reveal how to achieve bulletproof confidence with women…and in all areas of your life.
how to meet girls
BONUS PRODUCT #7: Flirt Mastery – Secrets Of Hypnotic Attraction (Value: $47.99). Have you ever gotten stuck in the “friend zone” with a girl? Have you ever wanted to take things to a sexual level, but you weren’t sure how to guide it there? This powerful 90-page manual on Flirt Mastery reveals how to use Hypnotic Attractionto turbo-charge your conversations with women and spark “instant chemistry.”

As you can see, the value of this package is worth far more than $297. The bonuses alone would cost you more than $300 if you purchased them individually! You’ve seen the incredible range of benefits you will receive…

But you’re not going to pay hundreds of dollars. Actually, you’re not even going to pay $97.

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Now you’re probably thinking…”Hold on Dean, why the heck would you give away all of these secrets… all of these books, videos, audio courses… for such a low price?”

Well, the truth is simple: I have a goal, and I want you to join me in achieving this goal. My dream is to help one million men around the world to master their dating lives and achieve total personal success by using M.A.C.K. Tactics.

So for joining me on this challenge, I’m going to give you immediate access to everything on this page for just $49.95.

Here’s how it works. Click one of the links on this page to download the complete system: M.A.C.K. Tactics: Volume I & II, along with our “Training Day” video instruction series, audio programs, the Internet Dating Domination manual, “Same Night Lays” package, and the rest of the bonuses.

Read the books, check out the videos, learn some of the tactics and techniques, and see what you think. Give them a try for 60 days, and see the results for yourself. If you’re not completely 100% satisfied, email us and request your refund. Our customer service team will process your refund and send you a confirmation email.

You can even keep all of the bonuses as a “thank you” for giving M.A.C.K. Tactics a try. Any way you look at it, this is truly a no-risk offer.

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how to get a girl
talk to girls whatFirst you’ll get MACK TACTICS: VOLUMES I & II, the infamous “seduction bibles” that are jam-packed with techniques and strategies about female psychology and attraction, power communication, dating strategies and seduction science.

how get a girl to like you You’ll also get TRAINING DAY, our video instruction series. You’ll have a front-row seat at an actual sold-out M.A.C.K. Tactics seminar in Las Vegas.

pickup artist Also included is SECRETS OF SAME NIGHT LAYS, a special report, audio session and one hour video that explains how to master the “fast hook-up” and get girls home with you tonight.

what to talk with girls about THE COMPLETE TACTICAL AUDIO COURSE: Our complete mp3 coaching series, containing over seven hours of instruction. You’ll get the complete audio version of the book PLUS bonus material and extra sections including a special bonus hour featuring top seduction & lifestyle coach Carlos Xuma.

how to seduce INTERNET DATING DOMINATION 2.0, the brand-new, expanded version of our ultimate guide to “online game.”

pick up girls com THE SEXUAL MASTERY PACK, your personal roadmap to becoming a sexual powerhouse who gives women toe-curling, brain-melting orgasms and keeps them coming back for more!

mack tactics free book In addition, you’ll receive the INNER GAME MASTER CLASS, which contains audio coaching, a video module, and more. You’ll quickly learn how to reframe your attitude to make your attitude “bulletproof.”

flirting with girls You’ll also get FLIRT MASTERY and learn how to use “Hypnotic Attraction” to make yourself sexually irresistible to women. (This means you will never get stuck in the “Friend Zone” again!

Order now and you’ll be directed to a secure web page where you will download this complete package straight to your computer. It only takes a few minutes. You won’t pay shipping costs, or have to wait for delivery. It’s all instant and easy.

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You can always contact us here: support (at) macktactics.com. Our customer service team is standing by, 24/7.

to pick up on girlsProtection #1: Go ahead and read the books, listen to the audio courses, watch the videos, and enjoy the massive bonus package. Try out all of these tactics, and if you decide at any time over the next 60 days that this program just isn’t for you, email us and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

I wouldn’t feel right about charging you for a product if you don’t get the results you’re expecting. I can make this offer with confidence because thousands of guys, just like you and me, have used this system and reported fast, shocking results beyond anything they imagined.

Any way you look at it, you can’t put a price tag on having the power to attract and sleep with beautiful women for the rest of your life.

clubs pick up girlsProtection #2: Your order will be kept totally confidential. To ensure your privacy and security, your purchase will appear on your billing statement as “CLICKBANK.COM.” Clickbank is one of the most trusted payment processors on the Internet and keeps your personal information completely safe and private.

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This program has been used with stunning success by many thousands of guys from all around the world, and I know it will do the same for you. And if you act now, I’ll throw in one final bonus (this might be the best of all!)

* Final Bonus (Only Available Today,: Free Lifetime Membership & Updates! Soon, we’ll be selling this as an additional feature. But if you order today, you’ll receive a free Lifetime Membership. This means whenever we update the M.A.C.K. Tactics program to include new techniques and information, and release an “updated edition,” we’ll notify you by email and you can download it at no additional cost. You don’t need to worry about us coming out with some new version a month from now, or next year, and asking you to pay for this new information. As we release updated editions, we’ll send you an email notification and you get to download them for free.

NOTE: We recently released expanded & updated versions of the M.A.C.K. Tactics books and audio course, including brand-new chapters containing brand-new, cutting-edge techniques, and over 19,000 guys downloaded it for free (and thanked us!)… so what you’re getting today is truly the most up-to-date, cutting-edge dating and seduction program on the market.

Over 1,750 1,878 Mack Tactics customers have downloaded their free updates and we’ve received many grateful emails. No one else in this business updates their programs on a regular basis and offers free lifetime updates! But as we come up with new techniques to get you more girls, we want to get them out to you — without asking you to spend even one more dollar.

I know that if you’ve come this far, you’re serious about handling your dating life once and for all.

This is the clear line that separates winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and talkers.

Anyone can say they want to get a hot girlfriend.

Anyone can dream of being surrounded by beautiful women and living a life of sexual abundance.

But the rewards come only to those who DO SOMETHING, not just talk about doing something.

It’s like you’re staring at two roads ahead…

One road leads you back to the same life you’re living right now. Lonely nights… or being stuck dating girls that just aren’t the super-sex-charged hotties you want.

Then there’s that other road. The one that leads you to dating freedom… sexual fulfillment… happiness.

Which way you turn will affect the rest of your life. So what’s it going to be?

The bumpy, pothole-filled road to the same old, same old… Or… the newly paved road to your brand new life?

You can elect to grab the keys within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

I think the choice is clear…

mack tactics

how to get a girl

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P.P.S. Consider this: if my system saves you from from blowing wads of dough at the bars and clubs, hanging out with girls who are not going to sleep with you, it will easily be worth ten times the cost. If it saves you from getting into a relationship with the wrong woman out of desperation, it will be worth hundreds of times the investment! And IF you use it to meet the woman of your dreams, that one special woman who inspires and moves you, who makes every part of your life brighter, its worth will be infinite. You can’t put a price on that… she’s out there waiting for you. Don’t keep her waiting forever…

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Option 1: Do nothing. If you want, you can click off this site right now…and spend the next days, weeks or years SWEATING and swearing up a storm because you’re sick and tired of women who play games with you and act “hard to get”…

Option 2: Surf the internet to find a bunch of lame, outdated information on how to pick up women. Go ahead and try to memorize a bunch of corny “routines” that you can use on girls (but don’t blame me if they’ve heard it all before, and blow you off)

Option 3: Do what thousands of other guys have done. Risk NOTHING and get instant access to the ultimate “black box” of tactics and techniques that show you how to TAKE CHARGE of your dating life…so that whether you’re talking to a girl for the first time, or you want to take your friendship with a girl to the next level, you will be completely smooth, confident and SUCCESSFUL every step of the way.

I personally guarantee that you’ll be blown away by the material in this system (and by the amazing reactions you’ll get when you use it the next time you hang out with girls)…so much so that I’ll personally guarantee your success.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t come back later.

The clock is ticking and I’m committed to your success.

Click Here To Order Now For $49.95

Click Here To Order Now For $49.95

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