Magnetic Messaging Video 1

Hey man, Dean Cortez here. I want to introduce you to two buddies of mine: Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

These guys came up with a kickass system called “Magnetic Messaging” which teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about “texting” with women on your phone.

Not just to “say hello” (or to say something equally boring or corny)…but to actually use your phone to pump women full of curiosity and attraction, because the text messages that Bobby & Rob give you are designed to turn girls on and make them want to SEE you again as soon as possible!

Me, personally? I’d rather do this stuff face-to-face. I’m old school, I guess…

But let’s face it, nowadays this stuff is CRUCIAL…because as you know, women are constantly GLUED to their phones!

People don’t call each other anymore to make plans…

People rarely leave “voicemails” when the other person doesn’t answer a call…

Because communication these days is done INSTANTLY.

You send a text message to a girl, and you can be pretty much be 95% sure that she WILL read your message within minutes.

The question is, will she reply?

And if she does reply, is she going to be INTERESTED in carrying on the conversation with you in person?

Or will she blow you off?

I hung out with Bobby & Rob recently, and I shot some videos on my iPhone where I got them to explain some of their best “texting tactics.”

Check out the video above…and be sure to keep an eye on the emails you receive from me, because I filmed TWO MORE videos that reveal some “advanced-level” texting strategies that make it drop-dead simple to text girls into your bed!

I’ll be emailing you the other videos soon. In the meantime, check out Video #1, and…

Click Here For The Full (Free) Presentation On “Magnetic Messaging”

Your Wingman,