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Mack Tactics is the legendary seduction system designed by Dean Cortez. In 2004, Dean, lonely and frustrated after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start. There, one fateful night at the Hard Rock Casino, he met a mysterious and incredibly charismatic dude who had a “way with the ladies” like he’d never seen. This guy put all the so-called “PUAs” (Pick Up Artists) to shame.

As it turned out, this guy was a Hostage Negotiator. In fact, he was the youngest Hostage Negotiator in the history of the Las Vegas Police Department. He and Dean became fast friends, as the Negotiator showed Dean around the wild Vegas nightlife scene and demonstrated his amazing abilities to chat up the hottest girls and persuade them to do virtually anything he wanted.

Dean realized that his background and training as a Negotiator were the key to his spectacular success with women. He was using specific phrases, language and “trigger words” to quickly bond with girls and create “chemistry” in a fraction of the time this normally takes. Dean was fascinated to watch him in action…and by studying his methods and putting them into action, his own dating life began to skyrocket!

The result of this was the original M.A.C.K. Tactics book. (The word “M.A.C.K.” stands for Method, Action, Confidence and Knowledge — which Dean calls the “four pillars of power” which every man must master in order to dominate the dating game.

The book was a huge success and spawned a series of sequels and related programs, including “The Bad Boy Blueprint,” “Strip Club Seduction,” “Secrets Of Dating Younger Women,” “The Ultimate Approach,” “Cougars Traps,” and others. Today, Dean splits his time between New York City, Las Vegas and the beaches of Southeast Asia, where he continues to crank out the most cutting-edge programs on attraction and seduction. M.A.C.K. Tactics now has a worldwide fan base (known as “The Mack Militia,” whom Dean keeps updated through his daily email newsletter.

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