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“Here’s How To Be More Confident And Successful With Dating, Regardless Of Your Age, Looks Or Income…”


Hey, it’s your wingman Dean Cortez and I’ve got something very cool to share with you. It’s a book I wrote called “The S.W.A.T. Guide (Secret Weapons & Attraction Tactics) and it’s jam-packed with information to help you become more successful with dating.


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You know how confusing women can be…

They SAY they want a nice, sensitive guy… and then hook up with guys who are nothing but bad news…

They SEEM “into you,” but then blow off your phone calls and text messages and WON’T accept your date invitation…

They ACT like they like you, but then you wind up getting stuck in the “Friend Zone.”

These “mixed signals” can drive a guy crazy!!

Well, you’re about to learn how to turn the tables and handle your dating life once and for all.

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Your Wingman,

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