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From: Dean Cortez

My name’s Dean, and a while back I used to constantly run into embarrassing situations with women…

And it was all because I didn’t know how to approach them the right way.

So let me ask you…

When’s the last time you spotted a gorgeous girl you wanted to meet (and maybe date)…maybe you saw her on the street, at the mall, the beach, the gym, or at a bar…but you didn’t try to talk to her, because you weren’t sure what to say?

Do you feel frustrated when you go out to meet women at bars, clubs or parties…but when you see that ONE HOT GIRL you really want to know, you “freeze up” like a statue and can’t make your move?

Doesn’t it feel stressful and embarrassing when you DO start a conversation with a girl, but then you find yourself struggling to figure out what to say next?

You’re able to start the conversation, but then you’re not sure where to go from there…so it slowly “runs out of steam” and goes nowhere, and with every passing moment it just becomes more awkward…

It’s like there’s a little voice in the back of your brain that’s holding you back from meeting and dating the women you really want to date.

It’s stopping you from striking up conversations with the pretty girls you come across every day…

It’s the reason why you don’t have a beautiful, fun, awesome girlfriend right now…

And it’s the reason why you’re sleeping alone, instead of having a phone full of numbers belonging to hot girls who want to see you again.

But if you read this letter until the end, I’m going to reveal to you the “secret trick” you can use to destroy your anxiety about approaching women…

Once you know this weird little secret, you’ll “flip the switch” and eliminate those doubts, fears and hesitations forever…

So that you can approach any woman with “rock star” confidence and say the perfect thing to “break the ice,” make her smile, and get her interested in talking to you…
Even if she’s surrounded by a group of friends…or with other guys!

You’re about to discover a step-by-step blueprint for approaching women, and starting conversations, in any situation…

No matter if you’re shy, or if you “suck with women,” or if you’re short, bald and broke.
And this blueprint is so brain-dead simple to learn that you’re going to wish you knew this stuff years ago.

Imagine the next time you see a hot girl you want to meet (no matter where you are), you won’t even hesitate to walk up to her, because you’ll know the perfect opener to use to make her smile, focus her attention on you, and want to hear what you say next.

And you’ll know exactly what to say next…to make her loosen up, feel comfortable with you, and actually start feeling strangely attracted to you…even though she only met you a moment ago.

And if you enjoy going to bars or clubs once in a while…

…and then knowing how to CHARM the whole group, ISOLATE the girl you’re interested in, and within five minutes she wants to give you her phone number and hang out with you “one on one.”

Now picture yourself meeting women like this every day.

Every time you leave your house.

Every time you decide you want to get a girl’s number and see her again.

Your life would be a whole lot different, wouldn’t it?

Once You’re Armed With This Information…

You’ll never again worry about what to say to a girl when you approach her. It will feel easy and automatic. (And just as important, you’ll know how precisely how to “bridge” into an awesome, effective conversation.)

You’ll never feel yourself “running out of steam” during the conversation, because you will control the flow and the tempo at all times.

You’ll also master the “other side” of approach that no other program teaches: how to make women feel curiosity and attraction towards you before you walk up to them.

You’ll learn how to radiate confidence and status so that women invite your approach.
how to approach girls The secret technique for “reprogramming” yourself so that you feel confident about approaching and actually look forward to meeting beautiful new women on a daily basis.

The secrets of body language are explained, too. You’ll know how to communicate your confidence and masculinity in non-verbal ways — and you’ll recognize when she’s ready to be approached, and whether you are successfully building her attraction (or, if you need to switch up your tactics).

Some guys want to master these skills so they can make a “breakthrough” with a girl they’ve been wanting to meet for a while.

For others, it’s about building up the confidence to go out there and land the girlfriend of their dreams.

And for some guys, they want to to enjoy their “bachelor status” to the max — constantly meeting and dating new women, and having the kind of social life and sex life that most guys can only fantasize about!

Whatever category you’re in, you’re about to unlock the secrets of using super-effective approach & conversation tactics to get the results you want.

Click the big yellow button below and you’ll get all of these secrets, and much more…inside my new course, “Instant Obsession Words.”

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