Announcing The “BOOMERANG” Launch Contest

It’s time for us to officially announce a launch/sales contest like no other.

The idea behind this “new style” of contest is twofold…

1 – Those of us with enormous email lists aren’t getting excited these days about winning more electronic gadgets, or even a couple of thousand bucks as a prize…

2 – And when you’re a solid marketer with a good list, but you simply can’t compete against the top beasts who normally dominate these leaderboards, joining contest after contest – with no real hope of winning a major prize – can become tiresome. (The prospect of winning $50 isn’t much of an incentive!)

So what Jackson and I are offering here is different.

What is it that we ALL crave?


With this “Boomerang” contest, we will send a TON of leads and traffic right back at you, and establish a rock-solid “reciprocal relationship” with you that will guarantee you make sales from us for YEARS to come.

The thousands of leads and customers we acquire during this contest will get sent back your way, AND we will form a permanent reciprocal relationship with you.

We will:

• Mail for you immediately (or soon after) our contest, using ALL of the new leads and customers we’ve acquired

• If you finish in the Top 20, we’ll put at least one of your email swipes in our autoresponder (this means we send you traffic for YEARS to come)

We’re all aware that the nature of these contests can be rather “incestuous”…normally, we’re all sharing the same pool of leads, to some extent…

But if you know Jackson and I, you know that our roster of friends and affiliates goes WAY beyond the Syndicate.

This contest is going to attract media buyers from around the world, so the pool of leads we gather from this contest will include many thousands of FRESH ones.

This contest will cover FOUR of our offers, including our brand-new beast – “ED Eliminator” (with a VSL co-written by one of the industry’s top direct response copywriters, and featuring two of the world’s most famous adult movie stars…)

Make sales for any of these four products of ours, and all of your sales will count towards your contest total::

• The Penguin Method (for female dating traffic)
• Talk To His Heart (female dating traffic)
• Female Mind Control (mens dating traffic)
• ED Eliminator (mens dating AND mens health)

Note: Our ED offers have done HUGE numbers for mens dating marketers. I still encounter resistance from some of my friends with mens dating lists, when I suggest that they promote one of our ED offers…but the truth is, our ED offers convert to that traffic like crazy! MANY of the top dogs in the Syndicate love our ED offers because the VSLs are “framed” for men of all ages.

And it makes perfect sense. If you think your “seduction customers” are anxious about approaching and talking to women…just imagine the anxiety they feel when the skills you teach them finally leads to them getting a woman into bed!

ED Eliminator has two top male porn stars teaching them how to be a superstar in the sack. It’s no wonder that this offer has become a popular “go-to” offer for mens dating marketers who want to mail something a bit different. (And we’ve got special email swipes that target your list PERFECTLY.)

Prize Structure

First Place:

If you turn out to be the stone cold marketing assassin who wins this event, it will be as if you held your OWN launch contest…

Because immediately after the contest ends, we will begin mailing for your offer. HARD. We’ll send out FIVE massive mailings for you over the following two weeks.

We will ALSO immediately place one of your email swipes in our “buyers” autoresponder, on Day #5.

Remember, we are including male as well as female offers in our contest.

If you’ve got an offer for women, how’d you like to have a permanent swipe of yours in our “Penguin Method” or “Talk To His Heart” autoresponder? (Both offers have been revamped and are being relaunched for this contest.)

If you have an offer for men, imagine having one of YOUR swipes in the first few days of our “ED Eliminator” autoresponder, which is about to blow up as the top ED offer on Clickbank.

(This is not an idle boast. Our “ED Reverser” offer completely dominated the entire “Mens Health” category on Clickbank. Our new “ED Eliminator” offer is even stronger!)

And by the way, we love having strong mens dating/seduction offers in our ED autoresponder. They convert to the ED crowd better than you can imagine!

This guarantees that every new customer we acquire will see YOUR offer for years to come.

Second Place:

We mail for you three times after the contest, and place one of your swipes in our “buyers” autoresponder on Day #6.

Third Place:

We mail for you twice after the contest, and place one of your swipes in our “buyers” autoresponder on Day #7.

And Now Here Is Where It Gets Awesome For Everyone…

Everyone who finishes in the “Top Ten” will receive mailings from us within 30 days of the contest ending.

Everyone who makes at least 10 sales during this contest gets an immediate “autoresponder swap” with us.

This means we’ll place one of YOUR email swipes for YOUR offer in our “buyers” autoresponder sequence.

And we’re not going to bury your swipe on day #237 of our sequence! You’re going up front.